The first Porsche I have sold and then bought back – about 15 years later!

In 2001 I had just sold a very nice but slightly boring 1988 911 Carrera.  I was on the hunt was on for something a little more exciting – a 930 turbo – and it had to be black.  After 6 months of looking I flew to Melbourne to collect this 1978 Porsche 930.  The car had an interesting spec: Australian delivery (RHD), special order sunroof delete and Recaro sport seats.  The car had been fitted with a Kremer package when relatively new.  This included a bigger turbo, bigger intercooler, modified exhaust and modified fuel system.  The intercooler required a Kremer-specific engine lid to be fitted, which actually hangs out past the rear bumper line. It was loud, wide, shot flames out the back and, with about 370 flywheel horsepower, very very fast.  Everyone that went for a drive remarked on the sheer violence of the acceleration.

4 or 5 years later I decided that I had scratched the turbo itch and put the car on the market.  When people asked me why I sold the car I would normally reply: “It was a one trick pony” (even though it was a hell of a trick…).  

Fast forward about 15 years and I heard that a friend of a friend now owned ‘my’ Kremer.  He reached out to ask some questions about the car and we chatted a few times. He jokingly mentioned that one day he was going to sell the car back to me.  I replied that I wasn’t interested.  Some months later a real discussion was had about selling and I did agree to buy it back.  

When asked why I bought it back I list the usual reasons: nostalgia; the car is a known excellent example; rare specification; it’s still very fast etc.  To be honest it could be any or all of those things.  The Kremer also sits well in the @zollhaus_ig garage as we like to build custom air cooled cars that still retain their original character or identity.  The Kremer is a perfect an example of that, as it represents an old school Porsche turbo and more.  

Epic pics below by Thomas Walk for Type7