You can’t hot rod a targa!  

This project involved resurrecting a poorly modified 911 targa with the end goal of a fast, fun long hood/early 911 road car. Care was taken in the design phase to find an optimal balance between performance, handling, comfort and style.

Every single part of the car was touched during the restoration and customisation. The car has many features that appear stock until a closer look reveals a subtle twist. The power to weight matches that of the much admired ’73 2.7RS.

The car debuted at Rennsport Australia 2015 and generated a lot of (mostly positive…) discussion, especially regarding the pairing of a Royal Purple exterior with a green interior. Everyone who has driven the car has come away impressed (even those that had thought the targa variant an unsuitable hot rod platform).

The scope and intent of the project has been covered in several publications.  The images below are by Mark Bean for Unique Cars Magazine, with the exception of the final Tom Ugly’s Bridge shot by Matt Hart.